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This is a wonderful site full of fabulous products to make you feel better. I have tried some of these products and they are amongst the best hand creams, etc. that I have ever used. Madame Renaud lives in Colorado, but is originally from Toronto.

Our Note: Michele Renaud has been a guest of Shirley Maclaine's weekly Internet radio show and Shirley endorses Renaud products. Renaud products are also available on Shirley Maclaine's website at 


Well - I wanted to give your new moisturizer (Cell Therapy) a try ---  I am SO impressed!  This is absolutely incredible! Lee (my husband) is even using it twice a day because his face feels so good afterward! I use it more often :)
You are incredible!!!!
Brit, CEO Shirley MacLaine

Kathi, Teacher
Fort Collins CO


I grew up hating my skin! It was always uneven, although I didn't really have a problem with acne until I was an adult! I would never go without make-up because of these 2 issues...until this past year!
I began faithfully using several products and my skin has never looked better! I actually go out of the house WITHOUT make-up!... haha
My day begins with the 5% Glycolic cleanser and I rotate between Cell Therapy and Retinol Moisturizer. At night I wash with Green Tea Lemon cleanser and rotate every other night with White Tea Cranberry Enzyme Peel (LOVE THIS!). I have fallen in love with Tamanu Nut moisturizer for the evening because of how amazing my skin looks in the morning!
I can't say enough about how great these products are AND the fact that they are all natural!...please don't EVER stop making them!

Awesome!  Thanks, Amanda!  Please let Michelle know that I ADORE the Moroccan Red Clay Soap!  I was hesitant to use a bar soap on my face because I've ALWAYS had horrible breakouts in the past from them but ran out of cleanser and decided to give it a try.  I lather my hands and mix with 1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda and my skin has NEVER been this clear in over 10 years! 

I wanted to let you know that I had an appointment earlier today at a skin spa in Portland, Maine. The head aesthetician complimented my skin condition and asked what products I use.
Also, my daughter in Los Angeles has become one of your best advertisers. After enjoying your face products for a while now, she praises Renaud Naturals to all her work associates at UCLA. Just thought you'd like to know what a hit you've made.
Francine Burns
Yarmouth ME

Health Care Professional
British Columbia, Canada

I am a health care provider in a senior citizen's home.  Needless to say I wash my hands countless times a day!  Your Hydrating Hand Cream is the BEST product I have EVER used on my hands!!  No more dry cracked knuckles or rough skin.  Also my elderly  residents appreciate my soft hands not to mention the wonderful aromas. The building I work in is extremely dry and my lips suffer from this. I am now using your fantastic lip balm.  My favorite is Plum Crazy.  The women I work with have been recipients of your lip balms and they are very curious about RENAUD NATURALS and all her other products.   Thank you for your time and your great healthy products 
: )   


Michele, I can tell you that in just the 5 days I've been using the Moroccan Red Clay Bar, my skin's texture and clarity has ALREADY started improving!!! I could not be happier and more excited. There are so many indie-type handmade items on the market that are sub-par to say the least! I am so VERY PLEASED with your products.
And, I am EVEN MORE EXCITED that you decided to make a makeup primer. OMG, it causes the colors to really pop and last ALL DAY as if it was just applied - exactly what I was looking for. You are a natural skincare ARTIST!!!!!!!!!!
Coral Springs, FL

Andrea Santean, Actress
Palm Springs CA

Dearest Michele... You know... I cannot Thank you enough for making such wonderful products... Let me tell you, that tonight when I took a shower and looked at my face...I was so happy to tell you that there were very few, if any blemishes left...I mean really...something was terribly wrong with the products that for years I was using... You see the skincare over a week and half ago really started clearing my skin...giving it everything it needed ( The package from Brit )...but then when your package arrived...and I used the serum...and the makeup...my skin really took a turn...It has only been since Tuesday morning that I used these products...and I cannot believe the difference...I knew there was something wrong with what I had been using... I have even noticed that when I have fallen asleep with my make up on...the next day my skin is better...not worse... Thank you... you have given me the gift.. of my own naturally beautiful skin...my skin just needed the purest most natural products...to bring out its own glow... I had no idea I was destroying my own skin with the chemicals I was putting on it... Andrea

I AM ABSOLUTELY  IN LOVE WITH THE LIQUID FOUNDATION!!!!!!!!!!!!  It melts into my skin AND covers blemishes AND evens out my skin tone!  I can't wait to add this to my line!  YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!!!!  I'm so happy to be working with you all :)
Elizabeth Perez in Florida

Mrs. Colorado American Renaissance 2011
Mechelle Beddoe


Mechelle Beddoe LOVES Renaud Naturals Colorado Breeze.

I am 52 years old.  I started using your Ultra Lite Facial Moisturizer 2 weeks ago.  My friends have been asking me what I did to myself.  They said I looked 32.  I don't ever want to be out of this face cream.  If you ever decide to stop making it, please let me know so that I can buy all you have.  Thank you so much.  
Phoenix, AZ
I have a hereditary predisposition to droopy eyelids and eventually I will need an eyelid lift. Last week I looked in the mirror and was dismayed to see my right eyelid dropping below my eye. I did not know what to do. I put on Renaud's Ultra Lite Facial Creme. Within two days, the eyelid once again looked normal. I am going to use this product religiously in the future. Thank you for a wonderful product.
Billie Frank,
New Mexico
I received my order a couple of days ago and I am amazed over your products!!  The aromas, textures and performance of them is wondrous.  I LOVE the Moroccan Red Clay Complexion Soap.  I use it also on my body and the Lavender Mist is heaven... just like the Plum Crazy Lip Balm.  (I use it under lipstick as a gloss) and the complexion gift tote was wonderful as well.
Husoysund, Norway


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