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Argan Oil


A light and extremely nutrient-rich oil popular in hair products but equally wonderful on the skin.

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Argan is a light oil with high amounts of Vitamin E. It is a great and nourishing carrier oil frequently used in hair care. Its high level of phenols and phenolic acid, carotenes, squalene, essential fatty acids, and 80% unsaturated fatty acids make it an excellent choice for many types of skin.

This light and lustrous oil is hand extracted (initially) by cracking the argan nut and grinding the kernel into a paste. The paste is then manipulated to extract the oil. More oil is later extracted from the paste residue via an expeller.

A note on sustainability: We strive for sustainability in all aspects of our business, and that includes in our ingredients. We have previously shied away from using Argan Oil because most argan production is unsustainable. We have, however, found a wonderful supplier who looks after not only the argan trees but also the local farmers in rural Morocco. They have invested in solar energy, water-saving harvesting techniques, and pesticide-free growth. In addition, our supplier focuses heavily on living wage jobs and opportunities for local workers, providing training for villagers in their community and growing in partnership with them. Although we are still careful in our use of argan, we are pleased that when we do use it we are supporting sustainable farming practices that operate hand in hand with positive social impact. Thank you for your part in supporting sustainability without compromising on quality.

Country of Origin: Morocco

Appearance: light bright clear yellow


Sample, 1 fl oz, 2 fl oz, 4 fl oz, 8 fl oz, 1 lb, 3.5 lbs, 7 lbs, 35 lbs

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